Savings Revolution started in 2010 through conversations between Kim Wilson and Paul Rippey. They realized there was no forum where all practitioners of savings groups could get together and exchange ideas. They launched the site as a blog in January 2011.

Since then, the site has grown and evolved:

·       We have had about 250 posts from more than 30 bloggers, including many of the experts in the savings group sector. Many of the posts led to rich streams of comments and discussion. 

·       We built an on-line library of about 100 documents related to Savings Groups, hosted in coordination with the Savings-Led Working Group of SEEP.

·       We added podcasts, videos and photos

·       Savings Revolutiion hosted the on-line writing of a book about Savings Groups, with seven chapters, each written by a different author, and drafts posted so that readers could comment and make suggestions.

·       Savings Revolution organized a live blog during the Arusha Savings Group Summit in October 2011, in which a small team of volunteer reporters posted as-it-happened reports of many of the sessions.

·       We average close to 200 unique hits a day, from all over the world.

Now we want to move to the next stage, which is becoming a resource not only for people who are interested in Savings Groups - we also want to help people who don’t know about them find out about Savings Groups, and help them get involved. Thanks to a grant from CCED, we were able to commission the film you see on the first page, and redesign the site.

Savings Revolution is unincorporated and quite non-profit. Everything is protected under a Creative Commons Copyright: Use it non-commercially, and please give us credit.

Thanks to Jeff Ashe and his article The Savings Led Revolution for inspiring the name of the site. We both have worked in top-down microcredit, and we both think that community-based savings-led microfinance is, well, revolutionary.

To to send us your love or questions, please write directly to Paul or Kim.