Critical Message Videos
Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 7:39PM
Paul Rippey

At the SG2015 Conference, I had the chance to represent FSD Zambia’s Critical Message Videos - CMVs - to a plenary session, and then in a breakout session. I made the case that in every program forming Savings Groups, group quality was arranged in a bell curve: there are a few truly excellent groups, the ones that get shown to visitors; a big mass of okay groups, that help the project reach a lot of people…

And then, there are some groups that just haven’t had the training they need to function well and be durable. These are the groups that break up, or the groups where people sometimes lose their money. They have problems because they haven’t internalized the principles that really truly are critical: one of the messages is the primacy of the constitution; another is the obligation of members to ask questions and be informted.

The videos were developed by FSDZ, CARE Zambia, Plan Zambia and PFP Zambia. There are five messages, each available in three languages: Nyanja, Bimba and Tonga. And FSDZ receently made these videos available with subtitles in English. There was a lot of interest and demand for copies of these, and I hope that they will inspire projects around the world to make their own versions. If you do, let us know!

Here are links to the five videos with English subtitles. (For more info, write to Fred Chaatila at FSD Zambia.)

CMV 1: Follow your constitution

CMV 2: All transactions at meetings

CMV 3: Member participation 

CMV 4: Cash safety

CMV 5: Member responsibility






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