SG2015: The Power of Savings Groups
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 3:20AM
Paul Rippey

Every two years, the Savings Group community has been getting together to meet and greet, talk and squalk, wheel and deal, and party hearty. This is the place where donors and grantees have lunch, linkers and whatever you call the opposite of linkers have animated conversations, big and small implementers get together in the evening, and lots of ideas flow. The SG conferences have been different - more participative, more fun, more honest exchanges, than many other conferences I have attended. 

This year - as you see above - SG2015 will be in Lusaka Zambia. There are many details still to announce, including the exact dates in November (which will be announced soon). You can sign up to receive regular announcements by clicking here. But now, at least, you can begin to plan - don’t schedule ANYTHING ELSE in NOVEMBER! Tell your friends and family - That’s it! End of story: We’re going to Lusaka!

Big thanks to SEEP for doing all the hard work of organizing this conference.

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