Would I save my own money here?
Friday, April 17, 2015 at 1:50PM
Paul Rippey

Here’s a good question to ask when one encounters a savings group: “Would I save my own money in it”?

I’ve used the following two videos in workshops to illustrate the point - I would personally save in one of these groups, but in the other, I’d be afraid that I’d never find my money again. Too many hands touching it, nobody checking the record keeper. The other meeting is just about perfect. Every transaction happens as it should, one at a time. It is completely clear at every moment where all the money is, and the procedures are followed scrupulously. 

Feel free to download these videos if that’s useful to you.

Other group from Paul Rippey on Vimeo.


Annotated Niger meeting from Paul Rippey on Vimeo.



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