Savings Revolution does it again! (But maybe for the last time)
Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 8:56PM
Paul Rippey

Dear Readers,

The next three posts are all April Fools jokes. There is no board game about Impact Evaluation, I (Paul Rippey) did not write a book called In My Own Hands, and to the best of my knowledge, there are no savings groups in North Korea. (And, if you saw the April First Today’s Revolutionary, let me be clear that Poutine is NOT a wonder food recommended by doctors for a variety of healh issues). These were all jokes.

I learned today that there is a backlash going on against April Fools Jokes on the Internet. If I am sitting with you and tell you an April Fools Joke, I will make sure that you get that it is a joke before I leave you. But that’s not possible on the interenet. I know some of you read the posts quickly (like I myself do) and believed them. Also, the whole April Fools thing isn’t practiced the same way in different cultures. It would be easy for some of our readers, who come from nearly 100 countries, to misinterpret.  

I’m not sure we should do April Fools jokes on Savings Revolution. We’ve got a year to figure that out! In the meantime, thank you for reading the serious stuff!


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