Quit drinkin' and start savin', you kids
Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 4:12PM
Paul Rippey

The following is excerted from the Zambian Post newspaper 21 August 2015:

“MPIKA district commissioner Catherine Chileshe says the district will continue to lag behind in development unless the high alcohol consumption among residents is checked. … Chileshe said she was saddened by the widespread alcohol abuse and child negligence in the district. Chileshe cautioned residents against taking pleasure in alcoholism because excessive beer drinking was detrimental to development and parental care, including economic growth at family, community and national levels.”

So, what did the District Commissioner recommend, instead of a cold brewski?

She challenged residents in the district to become members of savings and internal lending communities (SILC), which was being spearheaded by Caritas Mpika instead of wasting their time in beer places.”

There you have it. I have nothing against an occasional beer, but this is good advice, and you can tell the youth of Mpika District that their uncle Paul also urges them to join savings groups. 

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