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Editors’ Picks

There are many documents in the Library, and it might be hard to know which are the best ones to read. This section calls attention to some of our favorites. We’ll change the list every month or so. 

 For November, here is our recommendation:

Governing the Oral Institution 

Check this out this paper by Brett Matthews. It is extremely well-researched and written. Warning: it’s long but well-worth the read. If you are a practitioner and find yourself low on time, skip to page 25. The next twenty pages are filled with intelligent insights. They include tips on how to interact effectively with isolated communities whose behaviors are embedded in traditions, habits and modes of communications that may differ wildly from those of the field worker or the project designer. 

For October, here were our recommendations:

Beyond Financial Services-A Synthesis of Studies on Combining Savings Groups and Other Development Activities.

This paper sumarizes the findings of AKF’s Learning Initiative into the important area of combining SGs and other activities.  It explores the internal and contextual factors that influence sustainability, replicability and outcomes. It helps readers place their projects on the continuums of risk, and the degree of free choice that group members have to participate in the Other Actitivy, and what the outcome means for the moral responsibility of the facilitating agency. An important work that begins to define good practice in an area that will become more and more important, as the developmental potential of SGs becomes increasingly apparent. 


Bringing Financial Services to Africa’s Poor-Microfinance in Africa-State of the Sector Report

This state of the sector report reviews formal and informal microfinance offerings across the African continent. The report also places special emphasis on Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs), detailing their history and the basic principles of their operations, and speaking to their resilience in the face of manmade and natural disasters and their potential for women’s empowerment and improved livelihoods. The report talks about the outreach of the CARE VSLA programs in Africa and other SavingsGroup programs across the continent.



Online Savings-led Library > Empowering Better: Report on economic strengthening for OVC caregivers in Uganda

Most of these documents were collected by the SEEP Savings Led Working Group, and we are delighted to partner with SEEP to make them available to you. 

We add new documents to the library continuously.

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