From about 2007 to 2010, I had the pleasure of working with Beth Rhyne and David Levaï of the Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION. We explored the ways that pro-poor finance could help people gain access to clean energy. 
We learned a huge amount, and started some initiatives that are still going on, and it’s one of the things I’ve done in my life where I can say for sure that we made a differece. As part of Energy Links, I produced a series of fifteen Podcasts on clean energy and microfinance. The podcasts, available through ACCION’s website and on iTunes, got thousands of hits, and several times I heard about connections that had been made through the podcasts - clean energy companies got in touch with microfinance institutions and vice versa. The particular business of selling solar lamps through savings groups has caught on in Africa, and many implementors realize that this is a perfect fit - done right, it can strengthen the group, build the private sector, motivate volunteer trainers, and help clean up indoor air.
Unfortunately, a couple of months ago the podcasts disappeared from iTunes, and everywhere else. Then out of the blue I got a mail from someone who was trying to find them. Okay, I said, I’ll handle that. So I posted nine of the most relevant and current podcasts on this site. I hope you enjoy them - and I’ll be delighted to see your comments.  
Paul Rippey



Jacob Moss and the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

Paul Rippey interviews Jacon Moss of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air. Jacob helped create PCIA, which played an important leadership role in improving the quality of indoor air, and cooking efficiency, both hugely important outcomes. PCIA has stepped aside with the creation of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, the go-to organization for stoves. Jacon tells Paul about some new products coming down the road; since the podcast was recorded, one has hit the market as the BioLite Stove. Music by Big Little Dipper Dipper

Jacob Moss interview


Nick Sowden of ToughStuff

Nick Sowden of ToughStuff talks about their success selling solar lamps in Madagascar and other countries using existing distributors, and their business in a box model. He also talks about, well, how tough their stuff is. But they still haven’t put a solar panel in a blender… The musical break is a bit of The King of the Gangsters by Geoff Berner.

NIck Sowden of Tough Stuff


Jay Thompson, Poet

In this special podcast, Paul Rippey interviews poet and blogger Jay Thompson, who discusses a poem by Robert Hass, the former Poet Laureate of the United States. The poem relates to decentralized energy production. Listen carefully! Musical interlude by Sayer and Keelia. The photo to the left is Robert Hass, not Jay Thompson.

Jay Thompson


Patricio Boyd of Emprenda Argentina

Patricio Boyd, the Director for Rural Operations at Emprenda in Argentina, talks about how their MFI has installed over 1000 home lighting systems, all driven by consumer demand, and of their plans to expand in the region.. Music by Big Little Dipper Dipper.

Patricio Boyd of Emprenda Argentina


April Allderdice and James Dailey of MicroEnergy Credits

April Allderdice and James Dailey, founders of MicroEnergy Credits, school Paul Rippey on carbon finance. Music by Big Little Dipper Dipper

April Allderdice and James Dailey of MicroEnergy Credits