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We have selected several pieces from practitioners in the savings group field on group formation, replication, and management.
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    Aflatoun Programme Evaluation Manual (Aflatoun).pdf

    The evaluation manual is to be used as a partner reference manual on Aflatoun’s Quality Assurance and Impact Assessment Strategy (AQIS). The manual outlines two core key processes that are practiced within the Aflatoun Network: the Aflatoun partnership process and the Aflatoun Partner and Field Surveys.
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    Aflatoun Programme Training Manual (Aflatoun).pdf

    The Aflatoun programme provides children and youth, aged 6-18, with two key trajectories of learning: 1) an understanding of rights and responsibilities and 2) financial knowledge and skills that enable children to make the best use of available resources. This includes school-based savings clubs, financial and social micro-enterprises, and group activities within the community. This training manual outlines the steps in the training of trainers workshops as well as the teacher training workshops to implement the Aflatoun program.
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    Savings-based microfinace coloring book for children (CRS).pdf

    CRS has created a simple coloring book which introduces certain topics regarding the use of money in order to support the financial education of younger generations.
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    Youth savings and financial education - overview (CRS).pdf

    The main purpose of the Agriculture for Basic Needs Project is to promote sustainable agriculture and improve income for participating families. Within this framework, the saving skill set has provided a platform for educating children and youth regarding the use of money, providing a space where they can learn together, play, establish goals for the future and at the same time develop leadership skills.