Aga Khan Foundation CBSG Training Videos

Aga Khan Foundation with the assistance of VSL Associates has prepared a comprehensive set of videos on the training modules of the Community-based Savings Group (CBSG) VSL methodology. These are an excellent resource and highly recommended.

1. Introduction and General Principles

2. The delivery mechanism: one year CBSG training cycle

3. Group Formation

4. Social Fund, savings, and credit policies

5. Record-keeping

6. Savings meeting

7. Loan meeting

8. Daily savings option

9. Annual share out


World Vision

Pieter van der Meer shares these videos that were developed by World Vision that take potential group members through the whole process of managing a group, in clear and vivid footage.


 An Introduction to Savings Groups
 Step 1 - Opening the Meeting
 Step 2 - Daily Savings
 Step 3 - Share Purchasing

 Step 5 - Calculating New Loan Fund
 Step 6 - Loan Taking
 Step 7 - The Social Fund
 Step 8 - Totaling Balances
 Step 9 - Closing the Meeting


Freedom From Hunger

Freedom From Hunger in collaboration with Oxfam and Stromme made the following short film showing Savings Groups in action in Mali and Cambodia.


Aga Khan Foundation

Aga Khan Foundation made an excellent video about savings groups. It says a lot about savings groups in seven minutes.